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Solar power should be more than just a practical choice

ARTPIECE® by Eco-dynamic Tech is a game-changing new line of solar panels that combines functionality, aesthetics, and investment value. It is the only solar panel that gives people more possibilities of enjoyable ambience as it serves both decorative and investment purposes. With Artpiece®, we believe that solar power should be more than just a practical choice. Its flexible nature means that we can create various shapes and sizes of solar cells that cater to different types of solar applications.

Creativity, Sustainability, Comfortable Living

We are Eco-dynamic Tech, a tech-driven company that aims to harness the power of the sun and redefine renewable energy. Our focus is on making this valuable resource easily accessible, sustainable and enjoyable for every household today for comfortable living environment.

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Kalaflex. Rollable and Motorized Solar Awning yet it secures high solar efficiency. Thin and flexible nature yet it is robust and long lasting. The ultimate solar solution for limitless adventures and unlimited possibilities!

World's First-Ever Rollable, Motorized Solar Awning

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 Econamic, Eco-dynamic, Artpiece®, Kalaflex, Aislewalk, Purebuddies

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